Let’s Do This!


Praying for each of you that today brings in favor, provision, and grace to all that concerns you. Praying that your purpose for today is fulfilled and that God leads all your thoughts, words, and behaviors. Be blessed and walk in your authority today! Do not allow the enemy of your soul to rule or even have a foot in the door. As soon as you discern the enemy at work speak the name of Jesus and all will change! Remember, prayer is more powerful than doubt – more powerful than gossip – and more powerful than doing NOTHING! Love each of you and keep smilin’, ~ Jenn

Saturday I and Brake 5’s intercessors take your petition, your prayer requests before the Father and pray for you. So, make sure to ‘like’ or comment below. Anything personal or specific can be emailed to me (brake5withjenn@gmail.com) or text to Brake 5’s # 8639686480. We have been receiving some miraclous praise reports!!!

SHE Velocity is getting ready to launch mid-September. Keep your eyes open so you don't miss out!

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