Happy Thanksgiving!


Brake 5 was birthed seven years ago after the Lord walked me through a four year healing process from experiencing a rape and the many issues that accompany such a trauma. During those four years of healing, God began to show me how He loves and cherishes His daughters. He asked me to simply show His love to those that surrounded my life at the time. It is through this testament that God has been glorified and lives have been changed. What began with just a few now reaches worldwide.

Our Father enjoys showing His love and telling His daughters how much He values them. He cares for the very simplest of details in our lives as much as He cares for the huge hurdles and storms that cross our life’s journey. So, for this I am thankful even if in some small way your life has been touched by His words.

I am thankful for . . .
His love and salvation
Freedom that births character and strength
The healing He has brought to so many

Most importantly I am thankful for you!

You are His treasure and because of you He is able to reach so many. Be His vessel this Thanksgiving by shining a light for Him in all that you do. Be the smile that one may need to make it through this holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Keep smilin’,

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