God’s Thoughts

Devotion by Smith Wigglesworth today is found in John 14:15-29. 

Click here to open a pdf to read the full devotion for today and the rest of the days for the month of August.  august-devotional-wigglesworth For today, you’ll need to scroll down to August 28th, page 364.

Wigglesworth’s Thought for Today:

“Your feelings rob you of your greatest place of anointing.”

We are reminded that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts in Isaiah 55:8.

I am glad that I can fully trust in the Lord’s thoughts over me, my family, and for every situation.  In those times when I am stressed or taken by an unforeseen obstacle I need to pull on God’s thoughts for that moment.  For relying on my own will get me into trouble or out of God’s will.

I see the Holy Spirit as times like a security blanket.  He is our Protector, our Comforter, our Advocate, our Strengthener, our Standby, our Intercessor, our Helper, and our Counselor (John 14:26 AMP).  When we trust in what God has given us to be our security, our truth, and our shield we are ready to walk through anything even in the times we ‘feel’ inadequate or afraid.  Trust in the Lord as He has given us the Holy Spirit to be with us at all times.


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