The List . . .


I’m not into New Year Resolutions – done that – it does not work . . . but what does work for me is giving God the first 40 days of each year.

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution that you will probably break within the first two weeks, make a covenant with God to give Him your everything.  

Allow Him to show you what He wants to change on the inside of you so that you are equipped for all that comes your way in the new year.  

Begin today by creating your ‘Change List’ ~ things/areas where you need and want to see drastic change.  Save the list and when you begin to see the shift happening and something comes into fruition mark it off your list.

In 40 days, I can guarantee you that either you will view that list differently or you will have added to it.

~ Jennifer Goodson 2008-2016 © Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rosa says:

    Sounds measurable, great, and attainable.


  2. Great perspective on the new year! Thanks for the idea.


  3. Genesis-NI says:

    Enjoyed this thought! I think it is of greater importance to recognize the one who can make the change in you, than identifying the list of changes required; so this idea is a simplistic and obtainable way to see change with God’s help. Thanks for sharing.


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