Build YOUR Life

Second day of 2017 and our offices are already getting calls with how we can help people stay motivated and obtain momentum to achieve their goals.

No! It won’t be easy! Yes! It will take everything you’ve got to do what you dream and desire to do – BUT ……  Y O U are worth it!

You MUST believe that, otherwise the speed at which you are going right now will eventually come to a snail pace.

People always ask me when I’m done speaking, “How do you keep going?” – “How do you make it all click?” –  “Where is the balance?”

I’m not perfect! I remain flexible at all times and all stages of life’s game – because life throws us so many obstacles we cannot always remain focused.  BUT we should try and I can tell you these 6 ‘golden nuggets’ are what have kept me focused.  Without these ordered in my steps, my thought process, my words, my behavior I would not be able to do what it is that I do.

Here you go!  Build your life – get it in alignment with your vision for success!

Build your life around how you want to live it:
1. Walk in integrity & generosity
2. Speak truth, but do not ever leave love out of the equation
3. Failure does not exist – get back up
4. Utilize boundaries in all relationships
5. Surround yourself with uncomplicated, drama free people
6. Forgiveness – use it daily, it brings freedom

Believe me! These 6 golden nuggets are what keep me grounded.  I run our business of 25 years, I am wife and mom of 3 amazing gift souls, I run my editing business, my health and wellness business (, and I am a full-time grad student!

YES! There are days I think I’m crazy …. but NO! I am not!  Why? Because all of these areas are very important in my life.  My top 3 most important (Faith, Marriage, & Children) are always kept 1st – #1 – nothing replaces them because of #4 on my list.  I live a wonderful peaceful life even when all HELL BREAKS LOSE because of #5, #6, & #3!

I share all this to encourage you on our second day of 2017 to continue to commit, remain focused, don’t quit – YOU GOT THIS!

Contact me if ya need a little PUSH!! We can do this together!

Keep smilin’,  Jenn

~ Jennifer Goodson 2008-2017 © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.


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