There’s Got to be MORE…

I wrote the post below 5 years ago and I have to say I am still at that place in my relationship with Christ, my Savior wanting more.  He is never dull or boring.  He is forever the same.  However, I have yet to discover all that there is to know about Him.  This journey continually keeps me hungry for more of Him.  Over the past 5 years, I’ve grown in my relationship with my Father more than I had in all my 33 years of knowing Him.  He is always there. Sometimes He is LOUD and in my face 🙂 and sometimes He is still and quiet waiting for me to listen.  He whispers to me when the world is loud. When I’ve stilled my heart, my mind, and I’m resting in Him.  He soothes my pain, brings peace when understanding escapes my cognitive vessel.  He is who He says He is – He is the lover of my soul, my strength when I have none left to give, and my voice when I cannot speak.  These last 5 years, have been a huge struggle in many areas of my life. Life is not always what it seems in the face of others.   I had thought I had faced struggles before but I guess He thought I had passed those and I was ready for more. There are always things in our lives that no one will ever hear about for they are the struggles that are only between us and our Savior. I cannot explain my relationship with my heavenly Father for it surpasses my known vocabulary but I can say it is more than what is humanly possible to experience in the societal norms of relationships.  I leave you with this post from 5 years ago and I hope it inspires you to reach for more, to go on a journey of searching for more for I can guarantee you the treasure hunt never ceases and the richness you will acquire surpasses any monetary gain.

There’s Got to be MORE . . . .

Ever Been There?

Ever been at the place where you want more and there is not anything that is going to satisfy until that ‘more’ happens? Ever been there?

Ever been at a place where you can actually feel the ceiling of the level you’ve been on? Felt the ‘comfort zone’ gone and actually crave the unknown? Felt the surrounding box but can see, taste, and know that what’s outside is far greater than where you’ve been? Felt the limit of where you are and know that there is more on the other side? Felt the entrapment of past and present knowledge and want to obtain ‘the more’ knowledge? Felt that unless you push as hard as you can you won’t be going beyond the ceiling, the walls? Felt that the only way to get to the next level was for God’s hand to grasp yours?

Ever been there……..

I found that place yesterday. I’ve known the transformation that happens when going from one level to the next with the Lord but I’ve never experienced it physically on a spiritual level. I knew when our team was praying before service that ‘church wasn’t going to be as usual’. I knew, because inside I was crying it out at the top of my inner lungs. I knew when the first chords began for worship that it wasn’t going to be ‘church as usual’ for me. I had this sense that something was stirring inside of me, something that was about to explode. Praise was great but not enough. Worship began amazing but still wasn’t enough. The music, songs, musicians, art, dance, the corporate body worshiping our Lord still was not enough. I wanted more! I’ve known all these things all my life. I’ve been apart of these all my life. I’ve even cried out for ‘more’ many times in this walk of worship relationship with my Jesus – but yesterday was NOT cutting it. I could feel the ceiling of the level and I was mad with desire to have more of Him.

When you want something bad enough they say you’ll do anything, you’ll go anywhere, you’ll go crazy until you get it. I was there. My heart was about to explode. My words did not feel as though they were getting through to the heart of God. I felt the pull, the tug, the irritation that being where I’m at was not where I wanted to stay. I wanted a shift, I wanted more than I had right then. I was going after it with all my heart for my Beloved.

I began to shout it in my worship. “There’s got to be more of You, Lord than where I’m at now. There’s got to be more…….I won’t stop, I won’t stop – no satisfaction in the place I’m in with you. I’m pushing, pressing, stretching – I want more of You, Lord than what I’ve got now.”

When the deposit was dropped into the atmosphere everyone felt the shift. The song of worship spoke of bowing before His throne, no one else but He, no one else. His presence was all we desired. The dancers were worshiping at His feet in awe of His glory. Looking up one could see the prophetic art of Christ’s face and His eyes beckoning to come up to the next level. “Come beyond your walls of the known. Come into a place that is enriched with His love, His life, His light.” One could see the key that lay under Him knowing that to make the grasp, to take the key was a movement of choice, a movement of pure desire for Him. The Prophetic voice came and spoke about the ‘unlocking’ of the hearts of men and women. Speaking of freedom. Speaking of a newness of relationship not yet explored. The burning heart within began and was unquenchable. Something had been ignited in the atmosphere and there was not any one person who could deny His presence.

There’s got to more……there’s got to be more… much longer will it take until you make the leap from where you are now to where He wants you to be?

There’s got to be more of You, Lord than where I’m at now. There’s got to be more…….I won’t stop, I won’t stop – no satisfaction in the place I’m in with you. I’m pushing, pressing, stretching – I want more of You, Lord than what I’ve got now.

Portals of Wisdom; Jennifer Goodson 2010 – 2017 © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

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