Feeling Stuck???

Sharing a refresher on how to get unstuck when we feel low about ourselves or we begin to believe lies that the enemy of our mind tells us….

Hope these encourage you today!

Steps for Creating a high level of self esteem

1 – look at yourself in the mirror and really see who you are9927657022e7246c521163f1f01cd09a

Speak to yourself in the mirror and tell yourself

  • I am good enough
  • I am valuable
  • I am loveable
  • I am beautiful
  • I am successful
  • I am trustworthy

2 – learn to like yourself

Stop comparing yourself to others

Be you

3 – keep a journal

Write down all the positive things about yourself to get started.  Then begin to write each time something positive happens because you have shown forth positive self-esteem. Every time you think or say something negative about yourself grab your journal and write something positive that contradicts the negative.

 4 – look within

Realize where the low self-esteem is coming from and end it

  • Rejection and fear tend to be the causes and leaders of low self esteem
  • Believing that you are not good enough not valued
  • Don’t allow yourself to be led by experiences associated with rejection

5 – time to detoxblogger-image-814071081

  • Get rid of self-defeating behaviors
  • Minimize your core circle of friends
  • Really see who is pouring into your esteem bank
  • Make sure that those that surround you are true, direct, and unconditional friends. They take you just the way you are

6 – stop the mind from repeating the thought processself-esteem-rohit-singh-14-638

  • Learn to retrain the thought
  • Think about what you’re thinking about
  • Daily set your mind to believe the opposite of the negative feelings you may be feeling or what you have believed about yourself since childhood
  • Receive compliments – learn to say thank you
  • Don’t walk around in denial
  • Don’t hang you head low and just smile
  • Believe the words spoken to you, embrace them

7 – Know your value

Your value is not in what you can do it is in who you are

Self-esteem ~

  • is produced out of how you’ve decided to grow
  • is produced by building good character, integrity, and respecting yourself and others

When a person knows their value, they are able to look past themselves and will begin to pull out the gold in others

Don’t allow the fear of ‘what ifs’ rob you of what can be….Run towards your fears and they will move out of the way

Portals of Wisdom; Jennifer Goodson 2010 – 2017 © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

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