Take the Steps . . .

Steps towards Victorious Living . . .

“Victorious Living is proven when one can permeate, (to diffuse through or penetrate something), a place with the peace of God. Every territory that their feet tread the aroma of God’s Peace and Good News lingers in the atmosphere.” ~ Jennifer Goodson

How do you get there – here are some simple truths –

Die to yourself . . . daily. Laying down all the mindful ambitions. Proceeding with a heart armored with the love of Christ. A mind shielded with the Helmet Salvation.

Cast down all vain imaginations allowing their perspective to be in alignment with that of the Holy Spirit’s. Clouded vision leads one astray maneuvering into perilous wasteland. Be led by the Sword of the Spirit which is fresh manna of God’s Word.

Become awaken to their surroundings. Bearing the Belt of Truth as they march out into their ‘day zone’.

Take the banner of shame down and put on the Breastplate of Righteousness. Pressing forward to the mark set before them.

Hold tight to the Shield of Faith infiltrating the zone of doubt. Leaving no guess-work, no time for ‘excusing’ yourself out of moving forward.

Consider these and begin living in a place of victory. The road is not easy – it was never designed to be – if so we would be worse off than we are now.

Stand strong in your battle and realize you are not alone.

All Blogs and written works by Jennifer Goodson are Copyright © 2008-2017. All Rights Reserved.

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