Light to my path

photo credit #jmgoodpics

When life is tough, we may not have all the answers, and we definitely cannot explain life’s obstacles. However, the constant is that He never leaves us. He is always there whether or not we can hearhim or not. Whether or not we believe in Him anymore or not. It’s usually in the moments when we feel the most alone that He is even closer than we realize. He is not the cause of all that happens to us. We must take on the responsibility of the choices we have made whether good or bad, whether pure or tainted, whether free or sinful – He has given us ‘free will’ to be who we are – make the choices we have made. Every choice in our life has a positive or negative consequence in which we and those around us will be affected. Freedom comes in knowing our Savior forgives and bestows grace and mercy. Therefore, take up His light, allow Him to lead your steps. You will find Him; you will experience forgiveness and freedom and love you’ve never known.  ~ Jennifer Goodson © 2017 Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

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